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[equinox-dev] Clarification on behavior of Bundle.getEntryPaths

If you use the method org.osgi.framework#Bundle.getEntryPaths then read on ...

The OSGi R4.1 release (which is being implemented in Europa) has made a clarification on the behavior of Bundle.getEntryPaths.  The javadoc for the method org.osgi.framework.Bundle#getEntryPaths did not make it clear whether the String paths returned had leading '/' character or not.  The following clarification has been made ...

The returned paths are all relative to the root of this bundle and must not begin with "/".

Unfortunately Equinox had a bug for directory (exploded) bundles where a leading '/' character was included in the results if the client used a path argument that contained a leading '/'.  For jar'ed bundles Equinox would always ensure the returned paths did not have a leading '/' character.  This was inconsistent behavior.  Directory bundles have now been fixed to be consistent with jar'ed bundles.  See https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=174101 for more information.

Some clients may have a dependency on the old behavior for directory bundles.  If you use the method Bundle#getEntryPaths then please ensure that you can handle return paths that do not begin with a '/' character.  In reality this is a bug in the client code because it would have failed for jar'ed bundles