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Re: [equinox-dev] OSGi new startup policies

I missed this question down in my inbox, sorry for the late response.

What did you have in mind for update.configurator and application shutdown?  Currently update.configurator has no notion of an application.  It just follows some policy to install a set of bundles.  In 3.3 M5 there are two ways an eclipse application can shutdown.

1) It chooses to exit.  In the case of the SDK workbench this is user driven (i.e. the user decides to use File->Exit).
2) The ApplicationHandle.destroy() method is called, this eventually causes the application's implementation of IApplication.stop() to be called which should force the application to exit.

In both cases this causes the Framework to proceed with shutdown and exit, update.configurator does not have to do anything.  This is the default behavior for the eclipse application container.  There are additional configurations available to allow multiple eclipse applications to be launched and shutdown without causing the framework to shutdown.  Even in this case I do not see how update.configurator would get involved unless you want update.configurator to be the one to decide what applications to run and to make the decision of when to exit the framework.  Currently we do not have such a bundle making these types of decisions.  We only have the notion of a default application that is run on startup.


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[equinox-dev] OSGi new startup policies

Even though the changes coming down from OSGi around bundle activation should be backward compatible, I wonder if there is anything that should be done in update.configurator and the way we shutdown the application?

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