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Re: [equinox-dev] Extension Registry optional import of org.eclipse.core.runtime.jobs


> Hi, DJ
> Thank you for the comments.
> The thing which I try to accomplish is running registry bundle on
> Equinox, but without the jobs bundle. I think for 3.2.1 this is
> impossible, because there is no logic which uses RegistryStrategyOSGI
> class and don't rely on jobs (I'm looking in the code). But I need a
> confirmation for this.

You have a point here.  There is already a bug opened
Comments from Oleg indicate that this still does not work in 3.3.
Seems like a simple Class.forName check could be done to pick the
correct strategy if jobs is not available.
> The other point in my previous message was about the current state of
> the registry. I just think that it should be possible to use
> PlatformAdmin without using org.eclipse.core.runtime.jobs. Currently I
> think this too isn't possible without touching the code.
> I just found that the org.eclipse.osgi.service.resolver import of
> registry isn't optional. Who  provides this package in standard container?

The Equinox OSGi Framework implementation (org.eclipse.osgi) implements
this package.  The framework itself makes no references to the jobs package.
PlatformAdmin can be used without any bundles installed in Equinox.