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Re: [equinox-dev] Restrict access to view depending on a user profile

You have a couple of options in this case. All referenced examples will be from my own private stash because it's Boxing Day and I'm too lazy to look anything up. ;)

First off, the transformation work I did isn't really suited for this problem. You're looking at altering the runtime dynamically while it's engaged. The transformer stuff works primarily at startup. While you could certainly write a transformer that supplied dynamic content you would also have to have it tweak all places that use the content for a refresh (providing they supported that at all). For instance, you can transform the plug-in XMLs in your bundles but once the extension registry has read them you'll need to run with -clean to flush the extension cache - they wont reprocess the files if you dont.

The first (and easiest) option is to define a set of activities to filter components for you. See http://eclipse.pookzilla.net/2006/10/ context-capability-and-perspective.php for some details on how to define the activities. Basically you'd hook up your user log in (whatever that happens to be) to activate or deactivate activities as appropriate. I threw together a simple example for Eclipsecon 2004 that shows how activities can be used in this way. Take a look at http://dev.eclipse.org/viewcvs/index.cgi/platform-ui-home/eclipsecon/ activities/EclipseCon2005.KCH.AuthDemo/ for this.

The other option would be to partition your view contributions such that the plug-ins that contain them can be loaded and unloaded when users log in and out. With the above solution the views you're trying to hide are still in the system - while no UI that we provide will ever show them its still possible to activate them via API. With this solution the plug-ins will really disappear. I have some code that shows how to load and unload bundles dynamically located at http://pookzilla.net/dynamic/dynamic.zip that should be able to help you with this. Basically you'd need to establish a set of baseline plug-ins that should be in the system prior to any user authentication. When a user logs in you load all bundles associated with them and when they log out you revert such that only the baseline plug-ins are active. Extensions in the UI workbench plug-in will respect dynamic loading and unloading by default - this includes views, editors, actions, preference pages, etc. Any extension point you write would have support dynamic loading and unloading as well - a start point for this can be found at http://eclipse.pookzilla.net/ 2005/03/supporting-dynamic-bundle-loading-in.php

I hope that was helpful.

On Dec 25, 2006, at 5:27 PM, zouaoui anis wrote:


I'm trying to restrict access to some views on my RCP application
depending on user profile, users can have access to perspectives but
not to one view of the perspective.

I've tried with the ExtensionRegistry.removeExtension (...) method but
I found that with non master token I can just add/remove "non
persisted" extension from the ExtensionRegistry.

I sow that Eclipse 3.3 propose XSLT transformation on the OSGI Level
to filter the  plugin.xml file, but it still in the incubator stage,

Is there any other "Eclipse compatible" way to restrict access to my views ?

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