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Re: [equinox-dev] finding a BundleContext

Hi Tom/Marcel/all,

FYI, the Eclipse Communication Project http://www.eclipse.org/ecf has defined and implemented a remote services API (org.eclipse.ecf.remoteservices) that provides:

1) A service registry distinct from the platform service registry...that is automatically distributed/replicated into a group of authenticated peers
2) A service interface that includes both synchronous and asynchronous remote invocation...so a programmer can choose based upon application-level needs
3) Explicit remote service failure handling...so network failure conditions can be handled in a programmer-defined manner.
3) The ECF remoteservices API is also transport independent...allowing it to be bound to any number of protocols.

One other difference with the existing registry is that services that are to be exposed for remote access have to explicitly registered with the ECF remoteServices registry(s). Although an 'extra' step for programmer (it looks very much like bundleContext.registerService), it does guarantee that the remote service is exposed in expected ways.



Marcel Offermans wrote:
Tom Huybrechts wrote:
For the registration of the services I use the BundleContext of the
bundle that declares the interface, so the lifecycle of the services
will be limited to that of their bundle.

The reason I don't register the services in their own bundle's activator are:
- I don't want to repeat this for every service bundle
- The bundle shouldn't care exactly how the connection to the remote
service is handled

I have this working now, but am open to suggestions for other ways to
handle this...
I have a suggestion:

When you register a service, add a service property to indicate that this is a remote service. Use a separate bundle (like you do now) to listen to all services that are registered that have this service property (use a ServiceTracker with ServiceTrackerCustomizer and you'll get notified automatically). Have it register the remote services.

This way you're coupling the life-cycle of your remote services to the life-cycle of your services (instead of that of your bundles).

Greetings, Marcel

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