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Re: [equinox-dev] How to start a RMI service in a bundle of Equinox

On Tuesday 12 December 2006 10:20, jiang_jian wrote:
> I think the URL is specified at the client codeïbut my bundle just want to
> start the rmi service during OSGi invoke the bundle's Activator.start()
> method. Maybe I didn't understand what your meaning is. 

The original stacktrace shows that you were trying to BIND a RemoteServer to 
the Registry, and that the bundle activator doesn't have access to the 
org.shuyaji.workflow.api.client.rmi.RMIEngineImpl_Stub class, which happens at


> Another point,when I start the RMI service by invoking the start method
> ofÂmy Activator classÂin its main function(not the caseÂin OSGi),there
> isn't any exception throws.

You need to provide information which classes sits in which bundles, to fully 
answer that question.
My gut feeling guess is, RMIEngineImpl_Stub sits in a different bundleA than 
WorkflowService in bundleB and that bundleA does not export package 
org.shuyaji.workflow.api.client.rmi or bundleB doesn't import that package.
Could also be that the RMIEngineImpl_Stub class is not around at all.