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[equinox-dev] DeclarativeServices - ConfigurationAdmin Integration Incorrectly Handles ManagedServiceFactories


I recently discovered that the equinox implementation of
DeclarativeServices does not correctly support ConfigurationAdmin

From DS spec, section 112.7

"Factory Configuration â If a factory PID exists, with zero or more Configu-
rations, that is equal to the component name, then for each Configuration, a
component configuration must be created that will obtain additional component
properties from Configuration Admin. This is the ManagedServiceFactory

The enableComponents method of
org.eclipse.equinox.ds.resolver.Resolver searches for Configurations
via configurationAdmin.getConfiguration(cd.getName(),
cd.getBundleContext().getBundle().getLocation()); which a) should
never return null (the code is written to assume that a null return
val means there's no Configuration for that component) and b) won't
work in the ManagedServiceFactory situation.

I've filed a bug report at: