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Re: Re[2]: AW: [equinox-dev] Packaging opensource libraries as osgi bundles

Uhm... the idea of maintaning a large repository is attractive but not feasable at the moment (IMHO). Following the Orbit principle, which is collecting all libraries related to Eclipse, why don't we focus on libraries which are correlated to OSGi hot domains?

What are top domains where OSGi fits well?
What are most important opensource libraries in these domains?

Having this, one can quickly assemble hot-applications showing the beauty of OSGi....

My 2 cents

On 11/10/06, Peter Kriens <Peter.Kriens@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have made the OSGi Alliance board aware of the desire of an independent
repository. Any suggestions how the submit rules, retainment policies,
licensing issues, etc should be organized are welcome.