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Re: Re: [equinox-dev] Package access across plug-ins...

Kirby wrote on 10/22/2006 02:18:59 PM:

> My current problem is finding a
> canonical way to say "Always load this fragment".
>    Right now, I'm using:
> (| (osgi.ws=gtk) (!(osgi.ws=gtk)))
> Which is a tautology, it's just not as obvious as I'd like it to be.  
> Leaving it blank causes it to filter out, not filter in.  It works just fine
> on my "win32" platform.  If anybody has an answer for that, it'd be worth
> knowing about.  I'm trying to track down the code that does the parsing
> right now.

Hmmm, this feels like a bug/issue to me.  To clarify, are you saying that if you omit the Eclipse-PlatformFilter header from the fragment manifest that the fragment is somehow disabled?  If so, please run with -console and use "ss" and "diag NN" where NN is the bundle id number of the fragment bundle.  The fragment should be RESOLVED and should show the host bundle id as "master".  If it is just INSTALLED then diag should say why it is not RESOLVED.  It may be worthwhile opening a bug report if the fragment really is not getting resolved.