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[equinox-dev] server side osgi/equinox with JSP


    I'am studied osgi and equinox for several weeks and very interesting in it. This week when I try to apply the equinox to a web application , I encountered great difficult in adding JSPs into the application, I readed "Server-Side Equinox" and "Infonoia solution", still can't find a transparent way to do it conveniently. Does anybody succeed in it, or has a better way? Ideally, I would like to embed the app server into equinox as a bundle, and register the jsp to it just as HttpService for the htmls and servlets.
    We are going to develop a web based product, and I am really abstracted by the idea of osgi, but afte some test, I think the osgi solutions are still immature in server side. I wonder if the equinox team has the plan to developing such kind of bundles or has any practicality plan in the near future to push forward the osgi standard and equinox into the server side area.