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[equinox-dev] ClassLoader deadlock issues


I've been working with Eclipse, and use Buddy Loaders fairly extensively so that core plug-ins can construct objects from their child plug-ins at runtime.

The ClassLoader segmentation is causing me lots and lots of issues w/ BuddyLoaders and the deadlock.

I've seen this thread:

This pretty much exactly covers my case. Are there any workarounds or mitigations? I use object serialization for over the wire communication and spring both of which use Global buddy loaders. Currently my application deadlocks 9 times out of 10.

I've been looking into writing my own classloader to deal with the issue. That hasn't gotten me very far (I've inserted my own classloader that forces all class loads to happen on a single threading context, but it's so slow I haven't bothered to test it with my real application). Are the any fixes or work arounds? Any guidelines I can follow to mitigate the problem. A lot the time my application is completely assembled at runtime via reflection.


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