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Re: [equinox-dev] native libraries loading issues

equinox-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 09/11/2006 02:52:41 AM:

> Grzegorz Glowaty wrote:
> > PackageAdmin specification says that it will refresh all the bundles
> > that are either updated or depending on updated bundles. It is enough
> > to be included in the graph build by PackageAdmin for a bundle to be
> > refreshed. This must cause assignement of a new classloader to a
> > bundle. If such a bundle (not updated directly, but refreshed because
> > one of the bundles it relied on was updated) contains a native library
> > it will result in JVM error stating that the library was loaded by
> > another classloader. Is there any way of preventing this?
> >
> > Oscar (objectweb osgi impl) does a nice trick of renaming the bundle
> > directory upon refresh (not only upon update). This causes the library
> > to change disk location, thus to be able to be loaded by another
> > classloader. Is there something similar built in into equinox?
> > Currently we are observing the mentioned error which worries me that
> > it is not. If it is not, maybe it would be worth adding?
> This is carried over into Felix too.

Any other thoughts on it?
Any side effects or implications of the approach
above that would prevent from going this way?
I opened a bug in bugzilla:

I expect that this may be a big change to the code as probably something
like BundleRefresh implementing BundleOperation will be needed.

I could help implementing but some guidence on the design would
be appreciated just to know where these kind of things fit best.

Best regards / pozdrowienia,
Grzegorz Glowaty

Software Developer, Common Agent Services
Krakow, Poland, (48) 12 628 9853