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[equinox-dev] native libraries loading issues

Hello all!
I browsed through the archive but I as unable to find the discussion on the following subject.

PackageAdmin specification says that it will refresh all the bundles that are either updated or depending on updated bundles. It is enough to be included in the graph build by PackageAdmin for a bundle to be refreshed. This must cause assignement of a new classloader to a bundle. If such a bundle (not updated directly, but refreshed because one of the bundles it relied on was updated) contains a native library it will result in JVM error stating that the library was loaded by another classloader. Is there any way of preventing this?

Oscar (objectweb osgi impl) does a nice trick of renaming the bundle directory upon refresh (not only upon update). This causes the library to change disk location, thus to be able to be loaded by another classloader. Is there something similar built in into equinox? Currently we are observing the mentioned error which worries me that it is not. If it is not, maybe it would be worth adding?

Any kind of advise on the issue would be appreciated
Best regards / pozdrowienia,
Grzegorz Glowaty

Software Developer, Common Agent Services
Krakow, Poland, (48) 12 628 9853