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[equinox-dev] Accessing Plugins from WAS

I'm using WAS 6.1.  I have constructed Web Services using the wizards in AST 6.1.  I want the implementation of these services to call plugin code.  I know that there are several problems here - including the fact that WAS 6.1 uses Eclipse 3.1 plugins, and the functionality I seek is more related to Eclipse 3.2.

It was suggested that I use the Equinox bridge.  This seems difficult, because the servlets that I'm using are created via the wizards in AST, and I find it hard to determine how I would register them so the bridge could access them.

What I decided to do instead was to subclass the FrameworkLauncher, removing most of the servlet references (and currently hardcoding the access to the bridge war, which contains my plugins that I need).  Looking at the BridgeServlet code, it changes the context classloader of the running thread, and then calls the proxy servlet, which will call the registered servlet.  I figured, that I could create the appropriate context classloader using my FrameworkLauncher class, and then before I try to load the first plugin class, I would change the context classloader to the one I just created.

This seemed to almost work, but the context classloader was not able to load/find any plugin classes, beyond the ones related to the framework itself.  On the other hand, the framework started just fine, and loaded all of my bundles.  However, when I look at the context classloader that is created, it seems like there is no connection between it and the bundle classloaders created by the framework.

Am I just on the wrong track?  Is what I'm trying to do just silly??  Is there any hints you can provide??

Any help would be greatly appeciated!

Rich Piazza
IBM Rational Software
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Lexington, MA 02421
781-676-2540 (Fax)