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Re: [equinox-dev] OSGI Bundles: alternate manifest.mf location

On 7/9/06, Peter Neubauer <peter@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

So, if we could get a project financing for it, probably one could start playing with putting in Hansa as the resolver etc. Btw there seems to be a common issue with Eclipse not treating everything as URLs, and especially not being able to handle nested Jar URLs, giving problems in e.g. mounting custom URL formats as source jars, javadoc, and resolve nested jars from library bundles that are not expanded on disk.

I'd be interested in working on something like this.

At my company we're currently working on a new system built on OSGi
using Eclipse's PDE.  This being the case, I've recently developed a
continuous integration system around the PDE's building/exporting code
(it can be done!)  While this currently satisfies most of our needs,
it would be nice to have a system based on Maven or some other
standard build framework to get all of the extras that come with.

That being said, I've learned a few things about working with the
internals of the PDE -- mostly that it's not pleasant in there, being
massive, undocumented and seemingly laced with legacy work-arounds
from the pre- to post-OSGi switch.    However, the PDE appears to use
Equinox's State/Resolver API for the OSGi dirty work, which as stated
before can be used by anyone fairly easily (and it's documented).