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Re: [equinox-dev] Bundle context class loader in Component:activate/deactivate and Bundle:start/stop

You should be able to do Class.forName("someClass") in your activate 
method. This will use the classloader of the class which defined the 
activate method which should be your bundle's classloader.

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[equinox-dev] Bundle context class loader in Component:activate/deactivate 
and Bundle:start/stop

I am running into an issue with bundle context class loader
1. I have some library code that dynamically loads classes using 
contextClassLoader or an explicitly set ClassLoader.
2. This code is triggered in  Component.activate() (I think same behaviour 
in Bundle.start() )
3. The classes I am loading are appropriately imported in bundle manifest 
and are visible in bundle loader

I get ClassNotFoundException. It seems like the current thread class 
loader is not set to the bundle class loader instead set to something else 
(ContextFinder or FrameworkClassLoader). I also tried 
bundle.getClass().getClassLoader() and it does not point to bundle loader 

I have couple of questions on this:

1) Is the activate/deactivate (or start/stop) supposed to run in "bundle 
context loader". Have not seen any references in OSGI spec on this
2) Is there a standard API to get the Bundle ClassLoader to satisfy above 
3) Any other approach to addres the issue

-Ravi R

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