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Re: RE: RE: [equinox-dev] OSGI Bundles: alternate manifest.mf location

On 7/6/06, Pascal Rapicault <Pascal_Rapicault@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Yes PDE performs some magic on the bundle classpath when selfhosting. It gives to OSGi a map of bundleId to paths to add to the bundle-classpath (the manifest is not modified on disk).
However modifying the location of the manifest represents a chicken & egg problem, since in order to provide the aforementionned map PDE needs to read the id of the bundle which it gets from the manifest file. Therefore the first level of support required to do this would be to let PDE knows on a project basis where each manifest file is.

Could PDE just get the manifest from the classpath, and the classpath from the JDT project configuration ?