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Re: [equinox-dev] How to get a bundle depdency graph

For this I would use the StateHelper class ( org.eclipse.osgi.service.resolver)
It will also help you to see which dependencies are not satisfied. Note that PDE Build also makes use of this class in the BuildTimeSite class (see getRegistry).
Note also that when I was referring to the PDEState class, I was suggesting that you may want to copy it :)

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[equinox-dev] How to get a bundle depdency graph

Another related question:
How could I obtain the dependency graph of a bundle to be able to report
on it?
Typically I would like to find useless  bundles that are there,
resolvable, but would never be activated because they provide no
servcies, or none uses their services.(criteria TBD)
And once found, whack'em savagely, those pesky space hogs! >:)


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