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RE: [equinox-dev] log4j in OSGi clarification

Hi Melih,
Buddy policy is not needed for Log4j's internally packaged appenders. 
If you need to package custom appenders and want to avoid Buddy-Policy you can package directly alongside in you log4j bundle or alternately as a fragment.
Hope this helps.

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I was reading the book on rich client programs for eclipse to try to solve my log4j issue as suggested on the newsgroup
a while back. I noticed that if I add a buddy policy to my log4j manifest, then it should start to see the appenders. Is this
necessary for the appenders that come packaged with log4j as well? I think my question is, do I need to make a bundle
for the console appender, the file appender, etc. and tell them that they are buddies for log4j? Thanks,

Melih Onvural
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