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[equinox-dev] Re: Integrating with an external build system (Ant, Maven, etc.)


It's interesting how things fall together. :)

There was a long discussion last week about the same topic on the
pde-build-dev mailing linst, which IMHO seems more on-topic for this
then the equinox-dev list that is supposed for discussions about
developing Equinox.


Niclas Hedhman wrote:
> Well, Maven2 itself is pretty useless for everything. It can't even compile a 
> Java file. Everything is doen with Maven2 plugins, and it just happens that 
> there are Maven2 plugins for developing OSGi bundles.

AFAIK the answer in this thread was that the Maven2 POM is not as
pluggable yet. OSGi would need a plug-in that would resolve the
dependencies dynamically based on the manifests and the available bundles.

Cu, Gunnar

Gunnar Wagenknecht