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Re: [equinox-dev] Footprint of equinox

I am considering equinox for the OSGi stack in an embedded systems platform. Reducing it's footprint would be of great value to my project as well.


Jeff McAffer wrote:

Indeed the org.eclipse.osgi JAR is somewhat large. We have taken a cursory look at this in the past and observed the following very rough numbers that contribute to the size of the JAR (i.e compressed size):

- Console code 50k
- random support files for various execution environments, legal stuff, ... 10k
- eclipse adaptor 130k
- custom JAR verifier 30K
- misc services and Utils 20K
- Standalone resolver 90K

This totals about 320K. Keep in mind that not all of this can not be removed. The resolver for example is clearly needed. The other things however are somewhat optional or Eclipse-specific and can be removed if all you are doing is OSGi. We have been talking about refactoring a bit and producing two deliverables, one as you see today and one absolutely basic framework plus several optional framework fragments.

There are other things for example, we have about 70K of debug code embedded in the various classes. This code can be removed by changing
to false.

Anyway, even with all of that there is still quite a bit of code. In some places we are no doubt over engineered but in others we have alot of flexibility that is actually by actual usecases and requirements. That and some scaleabiity mechanisms like caching the state (on second run of a configuration we don't need to open JARs, parse manifests, resolve states, ...). Some of that is pointless if you have only a few bundles but when you get into the hundreds and thousands it becomes relevant.

The summary is that we are actively interested in this area and are looking to do some work in the 3.3 stream.


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I wondered this myself.  We've got some of our stuff running on a "slug"
so obviously it is small enough for that, but it sure would be great to
have it take up even less space on devices like that!

John Wells (Aziz)

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Knopflerfish  2.0.0 RC1, which seems compliant to OSGi Spec R4, was
released in May. http://www.knopflerfish.org/download.html

I found that the footprint of Equinox framework is much larger than one
of knopflerfish.


Knopflerfish: 290KB
(framework.jar in knopflerfish_osgi_tiny_2.0.0-RC1.jar)

The web page tells that "org.eclipse.osgi_3.2.0.v20060601.jar" contains
additional mechanisms (e.g., x-internal, platform filters, ...). That
must be one of reasons.

Was there anyone or project who tried to make a package which contains
only fundamental OSGi framework function ( minimal equinox) ? (If there
is, could you tell me how much was it?)

NTT Cyber Solutions Lab.
E-mail: yamasaki.ikuo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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