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Re: [equinox-dev] Axis in OSGi on Equinox


Thanks for the heads up. I had found the Knoplerfish example, but wasn't sure that I could use it. It's good to know that this has been
done, and I will search in the Corona project to see how it was accomplished, and hopefully be able to emulate it. Thanks for the


On 6/6/06, Hawkins, Joel <Joel.Hawkins@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Melih ,


I've done this for the Corona project (Axis 1.3 – Axis 2 is still in the works), and will submit the code as part of the Apache Muse project as soon as Muse's administrative kinks are ironed out.

The folks at Knoplerfish (http://www.knopflerfish.org/) have an Axis plugin for OSGi as well (Axis 1.x, OSGi R3).  



Joel Hawkins


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Has there been any push to install Axis as a servlet in OSGi? I read in the newsgroup mention of developed
plugins that might one day make their way down the pipeline into the OSGi layer, but I haven't found any
mention since. If this hasn't been done yet, where would be a good place to start investigating as this is something
I'd like to add? Thanks,

Melih Onvural

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