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RE: [equinox-dev] JSP support in the servlet bridge incubator project

Hi all,
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From: "Kaegi, Simon" Simon.Kaegi@xxxxxxxxxx
> I think your work here sounds excellent and is very much in line with
> what's going on. There's been considerable interest in this problem so
> if you're willing to contribute your work here that would be appreciated
> and really help things get moving. The RSP-UI folk also alluded to
> similar work in their proposal so we might also have that as source for
> a final solution.
Yes, we are already playing with Simons Jetty implementation behind the servlet bridge in RSP, works great. Right now we are using the OSXA jasper bundle for jsp compiling, it would be great to have that functionality in Equinox built in.

We are very fond of trying and incorporating your work in RSP-UI to test.