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[equinox-dev] Declarative Services + Extension Registry?

I've been looking at the Eclipse Extension Registry for use in our
non-eclipse-but-equinox server-side system.  We're pretty certain that
we'll be using Declarative Services for our service locating and
providing needs, but the Extension Registry and relevant configuration
editors make it so easy to link up pieces in a controlled (extension
schemas) manner.

The issue I'm curious about is the fact that the Extension Registry
only supports (I think) defining extensions with class names, and not
actual service instances.  Here's an example to clarify:

I have an object, Downloader, that is instantiated by Declarative
Services after all of its service requirements are met.  Downloader
needs to be scheduled with the system Scheduler to download some file
every 10 minutes.  What would be great is if Scheduler defined some
sort of trigger extension point, and Downloader defined a relevant
trigger extension.  The extension would include a reference to the
object to schedule, and some type of cron-like scheduling string.  The
Downloader's trigger extension would be hooked up with the Scheduler's
trigger extension point as soon as the Downloader instance was created
by Declarative Services.

There would obviously have to be some interaction between Declarative
Services and the Extension Registry.  Is this currently possible with
any of the Eclipse libraries?  Would they be extensible enough to add
this type of support?

Any thoughts?

Jeremy Volkman