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Re: [equinox-dev] Creating and Starting a BundleActivator when the framework launches

equinox-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 2006-04-09 09:51:31 PM:

> In fact, I suspect that the 
> reason you have never had this problem is that the framework you 
> have been using (SMF) did in fact automatically start every bundle 
> on installation.

This actually is not the case for the SMF framework itself. I think Simon 
was refering to smfbd "management agent" which I beleiver generally 
started each bundle it installed. This was more appropriate for smfbd 
since SMF had no lazy activation notion.

Another area of interest here is the conversation I had with Tom Watson at 
EclipseCon. We were brainstorm ways to get Declarative Services registered 
for bundles which were not started. While there are many details to work 
out, the basic idea was for the framework to mark lazy start bundles in 
the STARTING state rather than just the RESOLVED state. This would (a) 
allow them to still avoid having a class loader and (b) allow SCR to 
register their declarative services since they are technically started. 
More thinking is needed here though. These bundles woudl stay in the 
STARTING state until a class was loaded from them. This could occur for 
any reason including SCR trying to load the implementation class for a 
declarative service once it was used by some other bundle. This would 
allow bundles to be installed and provide service without having to be 
explicitly started. I think this is something interesting to pursue for 

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