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Re: [equinox-dev] Two bundles contributing to one package?

> Can I have two bundles which contribute to a single package?

Yes, but you have to use Require-Bundle, not Import-Package. See
section 3.13.1 in the OSGi R4 core spec:

"Import-Package takes priority over Require-Bundle, and packages which
are exported by a
required bundle and imported via Import-Package must NOT be treated as
split packages."

Section 3.13.2 goes on to say that split packages are a bad idea in general.

- Neil

On 4/6/06, John Wells <jwells@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Can I have two bundles which contribute to a single package?
> In other words, can I have:
> 1.  A bundle A that exports package com.foo with class A
> 2.  A bundle B that exports package com.foo with class B
> 3.  Have a bundle C that imports com.foo and gets access to both A and B
> ?
> It doesn't seem like I can do this...
> I've tried the following:
> In BundleA I had the following:
> Export-Package: com.foo;name=A
> In BundleB I had the following:
> Import-Package: com.foo;name=A
> Export-Package: com.foo;name=B
> In BundleC I have the following:
> Import-Package: com.foo;name=B
> Bundle C does not resolve!?!
> John Wells (Aziz)
> jwells@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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