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Re: [equinox-dev] RequiresBundle, ImportPackage and virtual providers

Neil Bartlett wrote:

I have a tangential question about JSR 291. You said:

Your virtual bundle creates a meeting point to break the coupling between
the client and the implementation. This is EXACTLY the purpose of the
service model.

I agree with this of course, but given that JSR 291 does not intend to
include the Service Layer, how will this decoupling be achieved in a
runtime that is JSR 291-compliant but not OSGi R4-compliant?

Nothing stops someone from implementing a service layer on top of 291, then you end up back where you started. :-)

For that matter, why IS the Service Layer being excluded??

Because people view it as more of a component layer thing than a module layer thing...rightly or wrongly.

Sorry, perhaps this thread should be on osgi-dev rather than equinox-dev.


-> richard