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Re: [equinox-dev] RequiresBundle, ImportPackage and virtual providers

Alex Blewitt wrote:
I was speaking with John Fallows after the conference regarding the
differences between Requires-Bundle and Import-Package, and what they
can/can't be used for. From what I currently understand,
Requires-Bundle allows an ordering between two implementations such
that one implementation must be brought up/started before another; and
that regardless of the contents of the bundle, I get access to only
what that bundle provides to me.

To me it seems like there is some confusion here between deployment-time and run-time dependencies. Both Import-Package and Require-Bundle deal with deployment-time dependencies, neither have anything to do with run-time dependencies...unless I have completely forgotten it...which is not impossible. :-)

From my understanding, it is perfectly reasonable to require a bundle that has not been started and it is not necessary to start the target of the require-bundle in order to use its classes in the dependent bundle.

-> richard