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Re: [equinox-dev] Fw: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse on IRC

Hi Jeff/alll,

Jeff McAffer wrote:

I am quite interested in using an XMPP based system since I already run 4 IM clients for different systems. Adding an IRC client would be less than optimal. If I could use one of the XMPP enabled clients I already have (or replace it with the ECF one), that would be great.

With the XMPP server running at ecf.eclipse.org you can use any one of the XMPP enabled clients...or replace it with ECF client (and run IRC client also if you wish...as separate view)...your client is your choice (tm).

If Jeff and/or others on the equinox team want a set of XMPP logins to ecf.eclipse.org...and buddy list setup, private/public chat rooms etc. just let us know and we'll set them up for you after we get the account info all entered etc.

Incidently, I'm (slowly but surely) nagging the Eclipse Foundation people (Mike M, Bjorn FB, Ward C, Denis, etc) into using the ecf.eclipse.org server for IM/chat...just to increase the population of interesting users :).