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[equinox-dev] servlet container incubator

Hi Folks,

The ECF team is using the equinox servlet container incubator (thanks Simon) to build/deploy a simple 'generic' collaboration server to ecf.eclipse.org (for testing and usage by project team members).

We've got the basics running...servlet container, bridge, OSGI runtime, our server bundles, etc. We're just working through some firewall issues at eclipse.org, some config changes/generalizations for our server, and then it will be running constantly/consistently there...and made available to Eclipse Foundation project teams for online team collaboration.

A couple of quick questions about the osgi runtime in servlet container:

1) Is anyone working on an html interface for the OSGI console...if so, where is that? We would like to start/stop/restart, etc., etc our server bundle(s) without using the servlet container and OSGI console. I've seen the httpconsole pointers on the incubator page and haven't worked with it yet, but probably will start...but wanted to know what work is going on here
2) I've seen in passing discussion of a consistent programmatic interface for startup bundle initialization but haven't read the whole thread. Where is that work at this point? 3) Are there any changes/additions for 3.2M5? 4) What are the plans WRT the servlet container incubator? Is there any need/desire to show/show (off) such a server running ECF (in ~ production) at EclipseCon?
5) Is there jaas-based authentication work in 3.2M5? If so, is there a description of how to use it somewhere? Thanksinadvance?

BTW, congrats to all on the 3.2M5 release.