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Re: [equinox-dev] boot class path extension bundles in Eclipse/Equinox ??


It must be more that just a POJO.  If that was the case then it could be included in a bundle and exported for all bundles to use within OSGi.  Who needs to use this POJO?  Is it some code from the boot classpath that is expecting other code to come from the boot classpath?  Most of the time this type of code uses the context classloader as a last resort to load a class, do you know if this is the case in your scenario?

I'm not sure we can fit boot classpath extensions in for 3.2, but it will definately not make 3.2 M5.  In the past we have always had issues with finding a place to store the necessary information to put the content on the boot classpath before the VM is started.  We have discussed writing this information to the eclipse.ini.  But to do this accurately we would need to have a per configuration version of the eclipse launcher and the eclipse launcher ini file.  This may be the only way we could pull this off for the Eclipse 3.2 release.


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[equinox-dev] boot class path extension bundles in Eclipse/Equinox        ??

I've got a problem where boot class path extension bundles appear to be the solution.  

Will there be an implementation in Equinox (or Eclipse) in the near future ?

We've got the need to have a pojo (jar) on the boot class path at startup.  

The problem is that the pojo can not be updated using OSGi because it is not part of any bundle.

Comments.. thoughts... ??

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