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[equinox-dev] Developing a standalone application using equinox


I intend to use OSGI to develop an application based on plugins. I will be developing my own plugins for the application which is non-GUI.

I decided to use the Equinox implementation of eclipse since I also intend to use the extension point feature as provided by eclipse. I want to run this application standalone, i.e., without using the eclipse workbench/ide. I just want to run this app from the command prompt such that some basic plugins automatically start when the application gets started and others get started as and when required. I also intend to use the automatic plugin discovery model of eclipse. So, I might have to use the eclipse runtime jar.

I tried searching online, but there isn't much help available to get me started with a standalone application using equinox. Could someone out here help me out with this or direct me someplace where I can solicit help in this regard.

Thanks in advance.
Abhishek Verma