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[equinox-dev] Compile errors in org.eclipse.equinox.ds / Using org.eclipse.equinox.useradmin


Couple of questions:

1. The org.eclipse.equinox.ds project randomly gets compile errors
depending on where it decides to get the org.eclipse.osgi.util package.
This is because both org.eclipse.equinox.supplement and org.eclipse.osgi
export the util package but one has ManifestElement and the other
doesn't.  Is it supposed to be this way, or should I log this as a bug?

2. org.eclipse.equinox.useradmin requires
org.eclipse.equinox.preferences which requires org.eclipse.equinox
registry.  It looks like registry wants to use org.eclipse.core.runtime,
org.eclipse.core.jobs, and org.eclipse.core.contenttype (even though the
"Validate Plug-in Set" doesn't tell you this).  Can useradmin be used
without pulling in these non-OSGi plug-ins, or am I missing something?