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RE: [equinox-dev] Can't compile org.eclipse.equinox.http

It looks like Eclipse can get confused and not use an available library when it needs to.  I have these bundles in my workspace:
   1) org.eclipse.equinox.http (from CVS HEAD)
   2) org.eclipse.tomcat (binary linked import from 3.2 M4)
   3) javax.servlet (created by me to export Tomcat 5's servlet.jar)
The Http bundle should be able to compile against either #2 or #3.  If I close either #2 or #3 (but not both), Http still compiles.  As soon as I close the remaining open project, Http gets compile errors.  So far so good.  Now, I should be able to open either #2 or #3 and the Http compile errors should go away.  However, they only go away if I open #3.  At the moment, this is repeatable, but I'm not sure it's repeatable over time.  I wouldn't be surprised to try it later and find that opening #2 is the only way it works (or maybe opening either works).
Also, like I said before, when Http gets compile errors they only show up in Package Explorer on a single file, but errors show up in the editor for the others.

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The fact that only some files show errors in the Package Explorer feels like a bug in the JDT UI.  Please enter a bug report (with build etc info) if you can reproduce.

When you have been compiling it before, what JRE have you been using?  Conversely, what has your target platform been set to?  If the target platform has the org.eclipse.tomcat bundle then this bundle is supplying the javax.servlet packages.  If you then changed the target somehow to not have tomcat (or tomcate is somehow unresolved), the servlet packages would no longer be exported and the HTTP service bundle would be unhappy.


Jennifer Fogell <jfogell@xxxxxxxxxx>
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Re: [equinox-dev] Can't compile org.eclipse.equinox.http

Hopefully the solution to Eclipse bug #121585 (https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=121585) will solve this problem.  We are going to separate the servlet APIs out of TomCat.

Jennifer Fogell
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       Subject:        [equinox-dev] Can't compile org.eclipse.equinox.http

I pulled org.eclipse.equinox.http from CVS a couple of days ago,
compiled it and have been successfully using it.  Then, today out of
nowhere it has decided that it can't compile because it can't find
javax.servlet.  I haven't done anything (that I know of) that would have
caused this.

Even weirder is that the only file in the project that's marked with an
x in Package Explorer is ServletContextImpl.java, although the other
files that use javax.servlet will show errors if you open them in the

Any ideas?

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