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[equinox-dev] Announce: new osgi-dev mail list

I have seen many OSGi questions not related to a specific implementation 
pop-up in these mail lists over the last many months. So OSGi has created 
a new mail list for OSGi technical questions and discussion. The new mail 
list is:


You can subscribe to the list here: 
http://bundles.osgi.org/mailman/listinfo/osgi-dev or by sending an e-mail 
to osgi-dev-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Question and discussion of the nature: "How to I get the Felix impl to do 
X?" or  "I have this problem with the Equinox impl of Y service" should 
continue be posed to the appropriate implementation mail list. But 
non-implementation questions like: "What does this sentence in the Config 
Admin spec mean?" or "How do I use the Event Admin service to do Y?" are 
best posed in the osgi-dev mail list.

So please go ahead and subscribe and ask questions and participate in 
technical discussions on OSGi technology in the new osgi-dev mail list.

BJ Hargrave
Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM
OSGi Fellow and CTO of the OSGi Alliance
Office: +1 407 849 9117 Mobile: +1 386 848 3788