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RE: [equinox-dev] Eclipse Server-Side Platform

Thanks for your comment. This was clearly an oversight on our part - "RCP" should read "Workbench". This is indeed the architectural split we envision. We'll tidy up the proposal in short order.
Joel Hawkins
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I just have a terminology coment on the corona proposal. In particular, I have a comment on this paragraph:

"An implementation of extensions for collaboration concepts that are analogous to applicable RCP concepts such as Projects and Natures. For example, a shared Project would implement a container for associated Project repositories and would host ad hoc collaboration via ECF between project members as defined by Higgins. "

and on this paragraph further down:

"Collaboration-oriented analogues to existing Eclipse constructs such as Projects and Natures - In addition to the vertical extensibility provided by the plug-in and extension point mechanisms, we will provide a set of horizontal integration constructs that are analogous to the Project and Nature concepts within the Rich Client Platform (RCP). This will include a shared version of the RCP Projects, support for transient activities analogous to Builders within the RCP, and support for ad-hoc collaboration spaces. "

The rich client platform (RCP) specifically excludes the org.eclipse.core.resources plugin, which defines the concepts of projects, natures, and builders.  Of course the resources plugin can be added on top of RCP, but is very much outside of the main scope of RCP.  It sounds from your proposal that you are not targetting the RCP platform, but the full-blown IDE platform.  You may already have this in mind, but it might make sense for your architecture to reflect this RCP/IDE split.  I.e., base corona core on purely RCP bundles, and then layer the IDE-specific pieces on top.  This would enable use of the framework in both RCP and IDE contexts.

For further reference, see questions 2 and 4 of the RCP FAQ:



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[equinox-dev] Eclipse Server-Side Platform

Iâm with Compuware working on our proposed project to extend the value of the Eclipse platform to the server-side.  We plan on basing our project on Eclipse 3.2 to leverage OSGi R4 services.  In addition, the Equinox incubator project (http://www.eclipse.org/equinox/incubator/server/) also has some features that are of interest.

We would like some feedback on the following:

    Comments re: our proposed project (http://www.eclipse.org/proposals/corona/).
    What is the probability that some of the Equinox incubator work will find its way into the 3.2 release?

-Dennis OâFlynn

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