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RE: [equinox-dev] Using the Configuration Admin Service?

What I would like to see from this illustrious body is synergy between the
two.   If there are shortcomings in Config Admin then we should use this
forum to gather some requirements and feed them back into the OSGi so that
Eclipse can utilize Config Admin as well as other "non-Eclipse" users of
the Equinox OSGi implementation.

Do others agree with this?


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Simon, John,
             Currently there are no plans to contribute a Configuration
Admin implementation to Equinox.  The direction Eclipse is taking is to use
the Eclipse Preferences to store configuration data.  The Eclipse
Preferences API is much simpler to use then Configuration Admin.  It is
also easier to manage and more widely used.

The OSGi Preferences Service can also be used to store configuration data
(the implementation in Equinox simply wrappers the Eclipse Preferences).
Although, it is important to note that the OSGi Preferences Service does
not have any notifications when a value has changed.  The Eclipse
Preferences, however, does provide these notifications.

Jennifer Fogell
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Iâve been waiting for the Configuration Admin bundle from Equinox for a
while now.  I wish it were here.  What is the status of it?

In particular, I need the interaction between the ConfiguraitonAdmin
service and the DeclarativeServices service.  So I hope it is well
integrated when it happens.

In the short run, you can actually use the Configuration Admin service
available from www.knopflerfish.org

I have tested it (shortly) inside the Equinox framework and it seems to
work ok.  However, I have not done any exhaustive testing.

John Wells (Aziz)

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Subject: [equinox-dev] Using the Configuration Admin Service?

Hi all,

I've been doing some investigation in to how Eclipse and its various
components get configured.
>From what I've seen, this is done primarily through System properties and
I'm looking at alternatives for a variety of reasons. (see bug 105851, but
I can definitely add other concerns)

OSGi gives us the Configuration Admin Service and I'm wondering if using it
might be a better approach for non-system bundle configuration information.

By this I guess I'm proposing that the Config Admin Service be integrated
at a fairly low level in Eclipse and then used for all plugins/bundles that
need configuration instead of System properties.

Once the Configuration Admin service is available I'm happy to do the work,
but before I get started I'm curious as to whether people think this
approach is reasonable.


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