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[equinox-dev] OSGi inside servlet container


Recently I've read about your efforts to facilitate using Equinox/RCP in
server-side applications, namely inside servlet containers. We have been
running Equinox OSGi (patched a little to work around the setURLStreamHandlerFactory
and setContentHandlerFactory problems) inside Apache Tomcat as a foundation
of our web-based applications.

If you're interested, the code is avaiable under Naumen Public License (BSD-style http://www.opensource.org/licenses/naumen.php) at http://download.naumen.ru/naurp/
(see also http://download.naumen.ru/naurp/README.txt). Currently fx, the component
tying OSGi to the Servlet Container , contains a lot of code related to JSP and some
other dependencies, which we plan to remove in order to depend only on OSGi-specified httpService.

We're looking forward to org.eclipse.equinox.servlet.bridge and org.eclipse.equinox.servlet.http projects as a future foundation of our platform.
When you have any code written we would be happy to test it and provide

Vasily Kuznetsov,