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Re: [equinox-dev] Article idea: RCP for non-GUI applications


"Neil Bartlett" <neil@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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12/07/2005 06:03 AM

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[equinox-dev] Article idea: RCP for non-GUI applications

Dear all,

I would like to briefly float this idea with you before posting a BugZilla
in the Community->Articles section. I am interested in writing an article
for the main Articles page on eclipse.org on the subject of writing
headless applications with Eclipse RCP.

The article would focus on the benefits of the OSGi component model, the
use of dynamic bundle loading and the Update mechanism, and a discussion
of the Eclipse-specific extensions to OSGi in Equinox (eg extension

The reason for wanting to write this is that, in the development team I
work in, we are increasingly realising that Eclipse RCP/Equinox solves
more problems for us than just GUI development. Ideally we would like to
deliver all of our code (including some long-running batch tasks) as OSGi
bundles running on Equinox. The major barrier to that at the moment is
server-side code (including J2EE) but I see from this list that progress
is being made in that direction.

Is this is a sensible idea? Am I stepping on anybody's toes?


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