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Re: [equinox-dev] Using the org.eclipse.osgi.jar.verifier

Hmm. This seems like a caching problem (ie. bug). The jar verifier has to 
verify the jar each time it is loaded. This could just be verifying that 
the JAR has not been altered since the last full verification.

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Andre Oosthuizen <andreo@xxxxxxxx> 
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2005-11-21 03:27 AM
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Re: [equinox-dev] Using the org.eclipse.osgi.jar.verifier

Hi guys,

I'm interested in using the org.eclipse.osgi.jar.verifier plugin for 
some security related work that I'm looking into. I have followed the 
instructions posted at 

Here is my test scenario:

I'm using a simple rcp application that has two plugins (plugin A & 
plugin B), each contributing a view. All my plugins are signed. If I run 
the product initially with all plugins untampered, my rcp starts up as 
expected and I can see the two views contributed.

If I alter plugin A or B before I initially run the rcp for the first 
time, I get an exception indicating that the plugin has been tampered 
with, so only one view is contributed, which is expected.

But if I initially start the rcp in an untampered state, and then alter 
plugin A or B and start it up again, the jar verifier doesn't recognise 
this. In this scenario, the jar verifier will only pick up the changes 
if I use the -clean argument. Is there a way around this?

Best Regards
Andre Oosthuizen

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