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[equinox-dev] Coding standards: using import abc.* - or not?

Hi Everybody,
The Equinox coding standard says that imports should be coalesced ("import abc.*") if 3 or more classes are imported from the same package (http://www.eclipse.org/equinox/documents/coding.php).
However, this brings a rather real problem that we just had a chance to observe.

In this case a plugin was using:
        import abc.*;
        import myPackage.Assert;
Which was fine - until the Assert class was added into the other plugin's package abc.

Clearly, "import abc.*" introduces ambiguity. On the other hand, Eclipse's "Organize Imports" command lets developers easily manage individual imports. And, last but not least, in my opinion, seeing all individual imports helps understand where imported classes actually come from and adds to that nice warm feeling of being in control.

With all this in mind, should we change the Equinox coding standard to don't coalesce the imports?

Oleg Besedin