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Re: [equinox-dev] OSGi for Server-side...

On Tuesday 25 October 2005 14:28, Kaegi, Simon wrote:
> 1) Running when someone else has set the URL and URLConnection singletons
> needed by the URLHandlerService - patched but needs polishing

Big problem without co-operation from the "conflictee". However, more 
importantly, how about when loading many Equinox instances in the same JVM, 
and resolving the URLHandler issue across those... Richard hall is sketching 
on this problem, and I think collaboration is a good thing here.

> 2) Using the Conditional Permission Admin Service when someone else has set
> the SecurityManager. - avoided this so far but it's an important
> consideration in some server-side environments - without control of the
> SecurityManager we lose the capability to do postponed decisions (?) - What
> are the repercussions? Is there something we can do about it?

Two things comes to mind;

 1. User can specify the SecurityManager from commandline, and if an 
application doesn't do the selective setting of the SM, then that is a bug. 
If you can convince the deployment team that the SM from Equinox does a 
better job than the "default" one, then mission accompilshed. (provided the 
technical difficulties to have the SM separated out bla bla bla...)

 2. If the deployer decides to stick with the default security, shouldn't this 
"just work" for Equinox as well?? Not sure, what to put in the security 
policy codebase URLs, but shouldn't be impossible.