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Re: [equinox-dev] New equinox framework adaptor

> Ah, now I understand this in more detail. Thanks a lot for your
> explanation and sorry for still being somewhat unoriented regarding the
> code repository structures. Still a newbie in this area...
> But that brings up another question (from the newbie ;-): I understand
> that there might be code differences between the incubator area and the
> HEAD. But is there any policy who/when/how to migrate changes from HEAD
> back into the incubator area?
> Thanks for the help!!!
> -Martin

No problem, I'm sure others on this list have the same questions.  In the
past when the incubator is active we have tried to update (or merge) the
code from HEAD into the incubator after each Milestone is released
from eclipse proper.

Sometimes this can be a time consuming task if there are many components.
In the past each incubator usually had a small set of bundles that they
were modifying.  For example, investigating improvements to the OSGi
Framework only involves the org.eclipse.osgi project.

As more incubators get started I'm not sure what the best approach is to
merge the latest code back to the incubator.  I hope each incubator can
have a "lead" which can be responsible for merging the latest code into
their corresponding incubator projects.  I think the contributors of each
incubator will have to be responsible for this merge because they are the
only ones that know what changes they have made and how best to merge any
new code from HEAD into their incubators.