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[equinox-dev] wiki anyone?

As Equinox transitions to the Eclipse PMC we have the opportunity to change the way the projec and team pages are hosted.  Currently they are accessed via ViewCVS, basically a CVS checkout script.  This is somewhat slow, gives clunky URLs and does not enable cool things like PHP.  The wizardly webmasters have a setup that allows us to keep using CVS to develop the content but have the content mirrored (within 1 minute I believe) on a "real" web server that supports PHP (and I hear a rumour about MySQL) etc.  This is goodness by itself.

But wait, there is more!

Since it can host PHP content, we can put a wiki on there.  For example, PHPWiki (http://phpwiki.sourceforge.net/) is plain PHP.  There are several of these.  This message is so solicit comment on
a) Would it be a good thing to have the entire Equinox site as a wiki
b) What wiki technology should we use (remember I think it has to be PHP based)

Please send your comments to this list.