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[equinox-dev] Breaking up is hard to do...

But sometimes it is necessary.  We have been busily working on separating the extension registry from the rest of the Runtime as well as adopting a different *implementation* approach to the application model (NO breaking changes).  In addition, as the proposed transition of the Equinox project
progresses, various parts of the Runtime will migrate while others will stay behind.  In short we are looking at a restructuring of the Runtime plugin along the following lines (this is very tentative)

org.eclipse.core.common - some common base support classes like IStatus, etc.  We'll look to take into account the JFace uses here as well as other.  This will NOT be a dumping ground.  
org.eclipse.equinox.registry - the extension registry mechanism
org.eclipse.core.jobs - job support
org.eclipse.core.preferences - preferneces support
org.eclipse.core.contenttypes - content types
org.eclipse.core.runtime - the original runtime layer with things like Platform, Plugin, ...    It will require and reexport all of the above plugins.  Make this optional if possible.

This message is only a heads up.  The changes will be prototyped and made available for discussion and review.  However, please consider these changes when looking to add new API the Runtime as it is today.