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Re: [equinox-dev] Eclipse for Server-side environments

Definite interest on this side.


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05/30/2005 03:16 PM

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[equinox-dev] Eclipse for Server-side environments

I'm interested in doing work on the Eclipse framework to allow it to run embedded as part of a servlet application.
In this environment each servlet application can launch it's own independently configured instance of Eclipse.
This has three implications:
- Several instances of Eclipse might be running in the same JVM
- Eclipse can't control how resources on the JVM's bootloader have been configured or initialized.
- The servlet application needs a communication channel to interact with the Eclipse framework
EclipseStarter alludes to start-up from a Servlet, but in practice it's a bit tricky for a few reasons:
1) A few of the VM's singleton operations are called during initialization -- e.g. URL.setURLStreamHandlerFactory. If these operations have already been called by the servlet container (or another instance) the framework aborts.
2) System properties are used for configuring the framework. This defeats the notion of independently configured instances.
3) Can't access resources/classes on the servlet classpath (by default the parent classloader is set to use the Boot ClassLoader) You can use the System property "osgi.parentClassloader=fwk" to force launching using the servlet classpath however this dramatically reduces the modularity benefits of Eclipse
The first two collectively fall under work with the broader goal of "running independent instances of Eclipse in the same VM".
The third is more a question of having the facilities to save the launching application's classloader and then use it selectively where desired (perhaps something like "Eclipse-BuddyPolicy: fwk" if it existed.)
I'd be keen to contribute to an effort to resolve these issues in the 3.2 time frame.
Is this work of interest to anyone else?
I have a prototype (based on 3.1M7 - handles the first two issues) that I'd be willing to polish and contribute to foster discussion.

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Re: [equinox-dev] How should one propose a new Work Area


What do you have in mind?  The best way is to put out some ideas and see if they fit into the overall theme of Equino and if there are people interested in working on them.




I'm wondering how one should go about proposing a new work area?





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