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Re: [equinox-dev] ANNOUNCEMENT - Security "Work Area" in Equinox/Eclipse

Signing a jar file doesn't mean that additional files can be added. Actually it is perfectly valid since you can have partially signed Jar files. The new files would just have no signature or possibly a different signature. It also doesn't stop files from being removed. It only stops files from getting modified.

Right now work is going on in OSGi to require that bundles be fully signed. What this means is that files not signed by the same signer as the manifest will be ignored. Signatures that do not sign the manifest will also be ignored. I think this would address the problems you are running into.


Dorian Birsan wrote:

The update manager needs better support for dealing with signed features and plugins. It looks like signing a jar does not stop one from adding other unsigned files to the jar. See bug As the update team is interested in your work, do you have any bugs that we could cc: to for tracking the security work effort?


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01/28/2005 09:48 AM
Please respond to

	[equinox-dev] ANNOUNCEMENT - Security "Work Area" in Equinox/Eclipse


Please see the update overviews in the Security work area of Equinox.  The
goal of the work area is to further discussion and development of Eclipse
and the Eclipse RCP as a secure application platform._

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