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Re: [equinox-dev] runtime console questions

Try -console:99

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[equinox-dev] runtime console questions

1)  Documentation ( seems to indicate I
can use the OSGi runtime with the console on a port, I am assuming by
telnet, but this isn't working for me.  I am starting the runtime with
the following command(s):

bash-2.05b# cd eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.osgi_3.0.1
bash-2.05b# java -cp
org.eclipse.osgi.framework.launcher.Launcher -console 99

I also tried with -Dosgi.console=99 and with quotes, ie "99".

The runtime and the console work fine, otherwise.  I am on Fedora Core 2.

I want to run the runtime server-side, headless and disconnected.
Telnet access is a step in that direction.

2)  Is this the right forum for end-user runtime questions?

3)  Is there any intent to use additional OSGi R3 services in the
Eclipse IDE, in particular the Preferences Service and Configuration
Admin service?

I am interested in using the Eclipse OSGi runtime as a server-side
enterprise service platform.  There is more info on our project here:


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