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Re: [equinox-dev] Security work area committers: call to vote


BJ Hargrave
Senior Software Engineer, IBM, Austin, TX
OSGi Fellow and CTO of the OSGi Alliance
hargrave@xxxxxxxxxx  904/5D-003 T/L 678-9938
Office: +1 512 838 9938 Mobile: +1 512 785 7386

Jeff McAffer <Jeff_McAffer@xxxxxxxxxx> 
Sent by: equinox-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
2004-11-18 10:57 PM
Please respond to


[equinox-dev] Security work area committers: call to vote

I am pleased to announce that Ted Habeck and Jay Rosenthal have agreed to 
push on the various security issues in Eclipse RCP within the Equinox 

Ted works in the Security group at IBM Research (  He is mainly focussed on enabling 
and configuring Java2 security for the Eclipse 3.x platform.  His intent 
is to modify the Eclipse 3.1 code stream by adding doPrivileged() wrappers 
where appropriate and providing call path analysis with required 
permission reports for the balance of identified privileged operations.  I 
am very pleased he will be able to apply his (and his group's) expertise 
to this extremely important part of the overall security story. 

Jay is a member of the Lotus Infrastructure Security team working on Lotus 
Workplace (major Eclipse-based RCP app).  He has been focused mainly on 
areas such as authentication, keystores/credentialstores, integration of 
JSSE and the Apache HTTP clients as well as Eclipse/SWT UI to manage and 
interact with these components.  His experience with these technologies in 
a product setting will help add a robust and flexible authentication and 
keystore/credentialstore model based on standards (JAAS, KeyStore, etc) to 
the Eclipse RCP. 

In the spirit of populating a new work area, I am calling on the Equinox 
committers to vote in favour of granting commit rights to Ted and Jay. 



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