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Re: [equinox-dev] Re: RCP, OSGi and all that

> Also, for this scenario to work, knopplerfish would need to be happy or
> least tolerant of the extended header definitions from the osgi 4 rfcs
> eclipse 3 uses.

Eclipse 3.0 extended the OSGi R3 framework. Knopplerfish only currently
supports R3. So to move bundles between the two, it is necessary to stick
to OSGi R3 constructs.

Since Eclipse 3.0, the OSGi standardisation process has moved on and now
the Equinox layering branch is being used to prototype the changes for OSGi
R4 in the Eclipse OSGi implementation. So it won't be possible to move
bundles that use OSGi R4 features between Eclipse and other OSGi
implementations until the Equinox code (or equivalent) has been merged back
into Eclipse. We are targetting this for Eclipse 3.1. Consequently,
Knopplerfix are very unlikely to implement the OSGi extensions in Eclipse
3.0 since these will not match OSGi R4.


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